Joysuke W

Joysuke W (Hong Kong), currently lives and works in Berlin. Graduating with a fine art diploma in photography from Hong Kong Art School, she makes no photography but paintings and media art.

Originally from a video game background, I was interested in ACG subculture since I could walk. Working from a young age and as a child of a working class family, I believe in hardship. However, in spite of this, I find the seduction of society and it’s non-stop advertisement forces me to desire an over-saturated, materialistic life style. It is one that I might yearn for but lack the energy to reach. A place I can only dream of. The conflict between the dream of a fabulous life and reality’s claustrophobic lack of personal space created a flood of conflicting questions in my head. It is from this that I draw on, and explore in my work.
I have a very sensitive nature and have had insomnia all my life. Anything from worrying about a school field trip to fixating on current world events could contribute to it. During these long sleepless nights I learned to create narrative and lived in my imagined worlds; creating movies, games, or picture books in my mind.

These imaginings create a fantastic daily life populated with characters, based on my internalised image of people I pass, and shaped by whatever I was concerned about at the time. It is a version of life that I have barely been a part of. Within it are hints of myself, a little sad, lonesome and unable to ‘fit in’. Though fantastic, the world is also mostly idle; An escape from the stress of reality. Somehow, a geek wants to be cool too. 😎️.

My current mission on my art journey is to bridge the gap between this escape from reality and in doing so, capturing a more accurate truth.

You can reach me or have a chat by email: joysukework@gmail.com